Customer Care

With Alpha Matter’s Customer Experience Center, we’ll help improve your customer experiences with a flexible, reliable and cost-effective approach.

Customer Service

Our goal is for you to retain customers for life by using our Customer Experience Center.

We continually build out our knowledge base portals, so we can provide personalised service and a full view of your customer experience.  Via the use of modern productivity tools, we supply our associates with the information they need to quickly resolve issues. We continue to enhance our services utilizing software bots and Artificial Intelligence learning and analytics to improve agent and customer experiences. 

With the enhanced capabilities of IoT signaling and alerts, we seek to detect and proactively correct problems before the issue is even realized by your customers.

Live Chat Support

Today, customers want a fast 24×7 friendly response and expect instant feedback to their questions. Our chat answering infrastructure provides rapid replies, enabling issue resolution within minutes. We proactively engage with visitors via the chat visitor system, providing instant and accurate information, ultimately reducing the issue resolution timeframe, so your customers can get back to work.

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Alpha Matters Associate Training Program

In this globally competitive environment, it is critical that organizations provide their team members with proper training, so they can do a good job. We all know that when customers call the Customer Experience Center, they are stressed and just want their issue resolved or information delivered. 

Being an Associate in the Customer Experience Center is a stressful job, thus we take care of our Associates wellbeing by providing excellent training and stress relief therapy.  Customer Experience Center teams need the right skills, information, and behavioral skills to succeed – we enable them with these tools and skill sets to succeed.

Flexible Customer Experience Center Infrastructure

Today, everyone wants to collaborate seamlessly with their customers across a variety of communication channels including voice, SMS, video, chat, email and whatever other means of communication comes about.

It is critical that organizations empower their teams through smart, automated communications.  Utilizing global carrier capabilities and modern cloud enabled call centers enables associates to handle calls instantly from any place in the world, with access to customer issues and experience history. Working alongside with our cyber security practice, we’re able to make sure all information is kept confidential and compliant across different regulatory requirements.

Alpha Matter Flexible Customer Experience Center Infrastructure
Alpha Matter Inbound Sales Support

Inbound Sales Support

As part of our Customer Experience Center, Alpha Matter supports inbound sales.  Inbound sales support requires a deep focus on the customer, and an attention to detail  If there is a request for information, an issue or say they’re ready to purchase, you need to be ready to act so they don’t take their business someplace else.

With AM’s Customer Experience Center, we provide a robust network connection and agents available around the clock, so that you don’t need to worry about lost revenue due to a missed sales opportunity.

When a purchase connects, our Associates are ready to provide relevant information, and guide them in the purchase of your product. By taking advantage of these leads, Inbound Sales Support can help you increase revenue and provide additional opportunities for cross/up selling. Part of the culture at our Alpha Matter Customer Experience Center, is to learn about your business and product so that we are an extension of your company in providing sales support. 

When you engage the Alpha Matter Customer Experience Center, we are honored to represent your organization in a professional manner and to deliver a phenomenal customer experience.

Omnichannel Solutions

As we continue on the digital transformation journey, utilizing the Cloud environment, artificial intelligence and robotics, another component to this transformation is the use of omnichannel technology. As a result of a consolidated component, customers are more satisfied during their interaction with our Customer Experience Center, there is a reduction in the issue or sales handling time, and ultimately a cost reduction for the service.

Alpha Matter Omni Channel Solutions
Alpha Matter Virtual Associates

Virtual Associates

Globally, there’s a developing trend in contact centers employing virtual agents, with more and more contact centers utilizing this as a viable operational option. The shift to cloud contact center technology has been the enabler behind the increase in the use of virtual agents, as it makes it easy for staff with a reliable internet connection to connect and work, and for managers to monitor productivity.

We offer consistent processes globally with our virtual agents and in our modern contact center, where we utilize tools to manage the session with the customer from start to finish. This includes all tiers of issue resolution from basic technical questions to explicit product knowledge. We apply innovative technologies and automation to make sure our associates have everything they need to service your customers.

Delivering success to our clients through innovation, engineering and project support.